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Livestock Waste 


Animal waste from agricultural operations is a valuable source of nutrients and renewable energy. Commonly, livestock waste has been used as a fertilizer for agricultural land. With the introduction of tighter environmental regulations, and potential harm to surface water contamination, many agricultural operations are favouring the anaerobic digestion process to address these environmental concerns.

Biogas Production 


Anaerobic digestion is a viable treatment solution for animal waste.The anaerobic digestion of cow manure is highly efficient in harnessing the untapped renewable energy potential of organic waste by converting the biodegradble portion of the waste into high calorific gases. Once upgraded, this gas can be utilized as a fuel for electrical generation, heat and vehicle fuel.

Renewable Natural Gas 


Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) is an easy fuel to introduce into the heavy, medium, light duty and service fleet sectors. It can be injected and transported throughout the same pipelines, stored in the same tanks, dispensed through the same refuelling facilities and used to power the same engines as regular pipeline natural gas. RNG is a viable sustainable fuel.

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