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Phase 1 
RGE Inc. Commercial Card Lock Fuelling Station
Woodstock, Ontario

Fuelling a Renewable Future

The Rural Green Energy Fuelling Facility (RGE) will be the first of its kind in Ontario to provide fleet owners with compressed natural gas (CNG) and renewable natural gas (RNG). The RNG (biomethane) derived from livestock operations throughout Ontario will be blended with CNG providing a clean, abundantly available, affordable and reliable energy choice. CNG/RNG demonstrates a reduction of 60% to 90% of smog producing pollutants and significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Along with cleanliness, one of the most attractive aspects of the fuel is the straight forward economics, measured in day-to-day vehicle expenditures and cost of ownership over a vehicle's life cycle. 


Now open, the RGE facility offers clean, affordable fuel for your fleet.

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